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When I was Platinum, I started charging about 3k a months and then, I gathered all of my expenses on Amex, I keep phone them, to explained that I would like to get the Centurion Card, they told me that they cannot send invitation as the request of the customers, but That I should keep spending the way I did, so, I gradually come to 12/15K a month and I called them again and again. And then they give me their chief on phone, which told me that invitations for this years were done but he told me that Amex send invitation by batch each years, and that I will be on the top of the next batch.
Two months latters (so it was on january) , I received a mail, and a booklet, which explained the benefits of the centurion and on the last pages, it was written "This is YOUR invitation"
I filled the application form, sent it by fax and 3 days afer I did received the card by DHL.

So keep contact them, and tells them that you WANT IT, they will consider your interest, be sure of that
Thx for your reply, just got a reply from Amex, my details have now been sent to Centurion Membership Enquiries team, and I will be contacted within 7 days, will be advised then if there is an invitation available for me.
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