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Originally Posted by senatorgirth View Post
Any speculation on AMEX Platinum's relationship? Will my AMEX Plat. card get me in the new Red President's Carpet Club (or whatever they're going to call it)
Yup, including a couple threads in the AmEx forum, too.

Originally Posted by senatorgirth View Post
Indeed, any thoughts on whether the new UA will participate in Amex's Membership [Rewards] program? One would think that the new UA would be too big and too concentrated in places of power and money (NYC, Cali., D.C.) for Amex to ignore.
CO and AmEx have had a somewhat "stressed" relationship of late, with CO not offering transfer bonuses for some time now and last year pulling out of the IAP deal. My guess is that the contract includes a M&A clause and that the entire relationship will be severed. AmEx might not want to ignore the new carrier, but they also might not be invited to the table at a reasonable price point so they might just have to give up.

But that is just random desk-chair CEO-ing of contracts that I've never seen and never will.
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