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I use the Respironics Synchrony ST BiPap. The ST version is more sophisticated (and $$$) than the standard BiPap as it serves as a mini-respirator.

I feel very fortunate that UA was my preferred carrier at the time I was diagnosed. When I read about other airlines and their rules and restrictions I am so very happy to have the UA AeroMedical Desk to take care of me. Granted the extra steps of having to get on board early, educate the flight crew, and check to make sure the power is operating properly while the mechanics are still there is a pain, but in the end it's all worth it.
Some CPAPS/BiPaps raise the pressure incrementally to the level necessary to keep your airway open. If your airway opens at a pressure lower than your prescribed pressure, it stays there until it's necessary to increase it. That ensures that you don't get too much pressure, as there are disadvantages of using respiratory devices. Some also sense if you forget to breathe (central apnoea) and forces you to breath. Does your SOSA have significant CSA also? I don't think my insurance company will approve an expensive machine like yours unless I were being treated for CSA. But I might be wrong. I had seen $5000 machines but I never thought to ask for them.
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