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Originally Posted by charlotteimmigration View Post
Im flying from PHL to LHR on the 20th.
I believe UK airspace will be open by then.
I am not in a rush to get back,
According to the employee site, the first PHL-LHR flight with seats is on the 28th (1 seat available) and the 29th (7 seats available). The flight on the 30th has ~40 seats available. Undoubtedly waiting to take a bump will fill up flights that do operate and you won't join the line for a seat until you take the bump. So if you're willing to wait 10 days or more after the 20th to get to London, taking a bump would work. Otherwise you're better off either taking your ticketed flight (if it operates) or calling to change it while there are still seats available before the end of the month. If you wait and take the bump, you won't be reticketed till then and the "next available flight" could be next month.

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