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Getting back to the topic at hand, here are some of my thoughts on what will happen in Milwaukee during the coming year.

I suspect that things will remain pretty status quo through the summer and into fall. Part of the reason is that the fleet is already stretched pretty thin so it would be difficult to add much more at the present time. Plus, a significant amount of capacity has been added back to Milwaukee and we'll have to wait and see how well the airlines do filling seats and what kind of yields they get. I do expect that Mitchell will continue to set passenger records this summer.

Bedford did say in one of his recent weekly messages to employees that if the summer schedule goes well that some new service will be added for the fall and winter, including international flying. For MKE, I suspect that this will include Mexico and possibly the Caribbean. If Frontier were to announce any warm weather resort flying, I suspect that they will team up with someone like Fun Jet to help fill seats through the sale of package deals. These flights would probably only operate a few times a week.

As for next summer, that's still a long ways off but if the economy has improved and the competitive situation in MKE has stabilized, I can see the following additions being added:

1) ANC. I believe this route is definitely viable during the summer months if it operates less than daily (maybe 5x per week) and is tied-in with a vacation partner.

2) BDL. Not sure why this hasn't come back yet.

3) IAH

4) SAT

5) ABQ

6) GSO. Republic could tap into a nice stream of local traffic plus route crews through the network.

If the One World relationship materializes, I wouldn't fall over in shock if American launched MKE-LHR service with 757s. They're looking at adding flights to places like BDL, DTW, and CHM with 757s. There's no reason to think MKE couldn't work, especially with feed from One World partners on both ends.
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