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Originally Posted by Rambuster View Post
To be fair, they do need to make sure crew members get to where they are needed. Otherwise some other flights will have to be cancelled in addition.

I had the same issue with the HON line. It kept ringing and then I got the "the number you have dialed is unavailable" too. I kept on dialing and then finally got into the waiting line.
Hmm, Rambuster, LH4155 and 4157 went to MUC, the crew was local from Munich, they where shuttled into their "Feierabend"/leisure time. With all the IROPs going on they might have been short on jumpers but I doubt it, I bet they will have crew sitting around tomorrow, not knowing what to do with them.

Again, my frustration is with them not communicating. Asking for VDBs or informing of IDG is not that complicated. The cool invention of PA systems has made it even to the south of France.

I called the sen line instead hon line and was helped by a friendly agent.
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