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First their banks implode and now their volcanoes explode. Thank you, Bjoerk!

Got stranded in NCE because my original flight LH 4155 was canceled (tech I guess) then rebooked on LH 4157 by Kapstadt and then got an IDG without letting me know courtesy competent Avia Partner gate agents, which led to an IDB. They killed c-class to be able to carry the dead head crew of defunct LH4155.

NCE station is really the worst and when hit by IROP crawling home on your knee is the better alternative.

If they would have asked for VDBs I would have had raised my hand. They did not communicate anything. Just IDB'ed two poor schmucks and IDG'ed 3 C pax without telling, stuffed their 5 dead heads in and that was that.

I asked the station manager why he handled it that way, he said he asked Ops if the dead heads could stay the night in NCE but was forced to take them on.

Thank you very much LH for again putting the priority on your employees and not on your paying pax..

Oh and btw: After rebooking Kapstadt Hon Circle CC went unreachable (0n both, 0800 and 0180). It rang 10 times and hit a german error announcement: "Der Teilnehmer ist nicht erreichbar" Overflow or did calling a servicenumber from France via mobile phone become to sophisticated?

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