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Since I discovered this forum I've also discovered the thread about Bose headphones that describes a flurry of replaced QC2s after a recent Bose offer on the QC15. Looks now that what I believed to be a "great deal" to solve my disintegrating headphone problem was merely an application of the previous offer. Not that this was not a "Good Thing". ^
It appears that they took the $US replacement price and just converted to $CAN at a really poor rate considering the CAD is now virtually at par and added a shipping cost.
I'm not complaining: the new phones are great but it does change my view of the Customer Service.

Re SAMT's comment about '"scrubbing" the existing air by running it through filters' : I'm thinking, because of the common smell of ozone in cabin air on many AC flights that they also run the air through UV "air cleaners" which would make a lot of sense since such devices are popular on home use filters to prevent recirculation of bacteria and other baddies.
No confirmation found from any AC source so I'm just speculating.
Extra ozone would certainly contribute to dry itchy eyes, noses and skin, dry throat and aging of materials such as seats, carpets ... and headphones.

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