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Originally Posted by dcpatti View Post
Anyone know if there are two people on one PNR and both registered for the promo, do both get the DEQM or just the one who booked it?
As apeortdz said, both need to be registered (barring quirks in the system that give the miles regardless of being registered). I don't know of any time that miles earned by flying depended on who booked or even paid for the ticket - the miles go to the passenger if they have a FF account or to no one if the passenger doesn't. How many people here have their tickets booked and paid for by a corporate travel department yet they, as the passenger, get the miles.

Barring explicit language saying otherwise I think it's safe to assume that anyone that would get miles from the flight would get the bonus as long as they're registered and meet the other requirements on booking and flying time periods.

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