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Originally Posted by obscure2k View Post

This is one of my favorite paragraphs from the article:

"If the flavor doesn’t fit a familiar food experience, and instead fits into a pattern that involves chemical cleaning agents and dirt, or crawly insects, then the brain highlights the mismatch and the potential threat to our safety. We react strongly and throw the offending ingredient on the floor where it belongs."

I am a true cilantro hater.
I associate cilantro with pain: blisters in my mouth, watery, burning eyes and shortness of breath. I have gotten to be an expert at avoiding consuming it because it makes my eyes sting and water long before it gets near my mouth. "Hate" is only the beginning of what I feel about it.

Odd thing is my kid loves it, and has since he was a toddler. Maybe because he ate more Indian food than fast food between the ages of 18 months and 6 years?
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