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Originally Posted by abrash View Post
Just signed up for the offer, so as of now it still is active. Customer service representative (CSR) offered the 50,000 mile bonus without any prompting by me. In total, took about 15 minutes. These are the steps I followed (adapted from a post at SD):

1. Call 1-800-421-4655
2. Say enroll in Mileage Plus. You will be transferred to a CSR.
3. Mention you already have an account but want to get a Chase Mileage Plus Credit Card (if you don't have an account, you'd need to get one).
4. CSR will transfer you to Chase Application Center CS (India).
5. CSR will take all your information and give approval.
Worked, I was approved just awaiting my credit card in a few weeks...

Excellent special, thanks for the post.

Is there a free place to get a credit score? I don't know mine, but know it's not bad...

Also I was told there was no minimum purchase required (just any kind of purchase) and you can cancel at anytime.

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