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I don't know if it's gone yet. I was able to use the same prompts and didn't get any pre-recorded message that the offer is no longer available.

Unfortunately, I still haven't gotten a decision (via the number nor on my chase account page). I guess it's just a waiting game for me now (just as it was for the BA card). I called and the rep read the status note on my application, which was "insufficient time since application received". When I asked for clarification to see if it's still pending (and to see if it was leaning one way or another), he didn't give it a direct answer other than that I had applied recently and I'll hear back within 7-30 days. So I guess there's nothing to do but wait now.

Hmmm, if only I'm one of those lucky folks that gets instant approval? My credit's good, but I never seemed to get them.
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