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I got my upgrade...

Originally Posted by evoG View Post
So, in my recent experience, you can get added to the upgrade list when on a DL ticket, manipulate seats through, but even if you do, it may not ultimately work... only asking the gate agent did...
Funny you say that. This morning, I went to check in, and went to DL's site like I normally would, since the confirmation # they gave me was theirs. I could tweak my seating, but could *not* check in on their site. There was even a "can't check in?" link that I clicked, which said I wouldn't be if it were a flight operated by another airline.

So, since I knew my conf wouldn't work, I just went to check in on the AS site, and lo and behold, there we go. There was an AS-specific conf code that came up, and I was able to immediately put myself in FC and check in, and here's my boarding pass.

The streak continues! That'll be 11/18 segments this year, and three in a row this week, hah. It's been rare I've snagged one out of SEA given the number of Golds, et al, so I'll take it - especially since it's 6:00am.
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