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That essentially is my question, now that the Delta connection is leaving, I would like to use my miles for some Hilton stays. I can't see anything on the web site about converting MM to Hilton points. I would like to do this without using Points.com.
Other than points.com, I would be hard pressed to think of any loyalty program that allows you to convert points or miles from one program to another. Lots let you earn in other programs (like stay at a hotel but earn airline miles) but once they are earned they can't be transfered (like putting those airline miles back into the hotel program).

Midwest's tie to Hilton is only for earning points, not spending them. Where you can use your Midwest Miles for hotel stays is with the Raddison family. Or if you don't have a large enough amount to get a single say, you might be able to get something in the periodic Skymiles auctions.

Points.com eats up so much value when making a transfer that it (in my opinion) is really a last resort.
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