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Originally Posted by pmaddock View Post
Reading this thread I have to wonder if I'm not being aggressive enough. I've been somewhat conservative in hopes of remaining at least partially under the radar but it sounds like the heavy activity is going to blow the lid off this thing sooner rather than later.

Is it time to go all out before its done?

Just to give you an idea of what I mean:
1. I limit myself to 1 $500 order per month.
2. I string out the deposits among 4 branches of my bank that are on my normal commute/errand routes - usually no more than $100 at a time.
3. My Bank has a coin machine at every branch that does count these coins. So the teller never touches the coins and I'm sure they wouldn't want to say 'no' because they'd have to go get the things out of the machine.
4. I tried spreading it out a bit more - using coinstar to get a Lowe's gift code (no fee) but the cashiers have a real issue with a paper slip for a gift card so I stopped that one. (although the December extra $10 rebate was nice).
Despite the heckler(s) that will post here, I don't see what you're doing is a bad thing. Continue to do what you feel comfortable with, despite the eggers-on that you'll get from this thread. Sheesh with the "advice" on this thread.

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