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Originally Posted by michaelm69 View Post
So by extension...if you, and other coins holders are paying for a good or service with the same local business owner with said coins on a regular basis and then this vendor takes a large portion of those coins you and others paid him with to the bank for deposit in their business account they should be reported?!

Seems wildly unfair and ultimately will end up having the opposite effect on you...since you will see most vendors will stop accepting these coins because they fear they will be reported to the Fed.
Don't waste your time on these people. He basically posted that he wishes the government would waste even more money on this beyond what the mint already does to ship these out to us and pay for credit card fees. I have a hard time buying that this person has distributed all the coins he has gotten from the mint. There is a household limit, so most people either order a bunch at once or spread it out over time. Either way most of these coins do not stay in circulation. Don't feed the trolls as they say.
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