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Originally Posted by blankeeta View Post
My local credit union has been very accomodating. They just count the rolls (and validate with another teller). They also offered me the option of using their coin counting machine (like coinstar) fee free.
Originally Posted by Euroflyer View Post
My credit union has a free counting machine, though only $100 at a time before a 5% fee kicks in. So, it's lots of $100 visits to the credit union to get the coins deposited.
My credit union also has one of these machines - not sure what the limit is. But $250 of $1 coins, mixed with all the spare pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters I have laying around the house, could probably be split into a few trips and fed to the machine without anyone particularly caring or noticing.

I don't, though, know whether they recirculate coins from the machine.
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