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I guess this just gives me one more excuse to use when my friends and coworkers call me high maintenance for always upgrading to F.

I will agree, however, that the loss of meals in coach will be no personal loss for me. When flying coach, I almost never eat the bistro bag anyhow, choosing instead to bring my own food on from near the gate.

Of course, the other downside to this that I see is that with the anticipated cuts in FAs on flights, these FAs are now going to spend more time cleaning up after passengers who leave their fast food bags and wrappers stuffed in the seat back pockets. Or worse yet, who eat before take off and then shove their trash at the FAs during the pre-takeoff safety check. This is not to mention the cleaning costs of now having to worry about cleaning grease off the seats and seat backs, removing ketchup smears from blankets and pillows, and dealing with the stench of competing fast food grease wafting through the main cabin. I'm wondering how the cost accountants factored this in. One knows that the airline meals were designed to minimize mess on flights.

Perhaps we all need to start posting over in FT Airports about the best places to get good food to go in our frequent airport locations. Personally, I always grab the chicken pesto sandwiches from Starbucks when passing through ORD. They are better than just any coach meal and most of the F snacks.
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