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I was booked on the SJC-TPE flights in late November, and have found that there aren't a lot of good alternatives for re-booking. In fact, there aren't any good alternatives, especially if I want to stay in C (upgrade award)

There is an EVA codeshare flight to Taipei, which would require a re-route through either SFO or LAX, and would mean no upgrade. No thanks.

The other option is to fly SJC-NRT, assuming that it's still operating by then, and then take one of AA's partners onwards to TPE. Problem is that all of the NRT flights, from SJC, SEA, DFW and ORD get into NRT around 4PM, and the last "partner" flight, on Japan Asia to TPE, leaves at 415. According to the Plat Desk, new regulations require one to go through customs at each country, so no more "sterile transit" areas, and a 2 hour connecting time. I found this strange- I know about the customs at first point of entry in the US, but never have heard of it for international flights. The next Japan Asia flight to TPE isn't until the following morning, and AA isn't willing to pay for the hotel...there is a NW flight leaving around 6pm, but they won't book it since there's no ticketing agreement w/ AA. EVA, which is another AA partner, flies out of Haneda, not Narita, and Cathay goes through Hong Kong...

Since I only had a few days planned in TPE anyways, losing another day isn't really a palatable option either. I'm not sure what to do. Maybe I'll just cancel the whole thing and book a Singapore award ticket through SFO to TPE using UA miles instead.

Anyone else have experience trying to re-book for the cancelled TPE flight yet? Guess this is one area where AA's weak Asian route structure really hurts us.
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