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[QUOTE=behuman;13533189]Aman will gladly with a supplement of USD 250 on your Aman India journey package make the detour via Agra (Taj Mahal) and Fatehpur Sikri - both an absolute must - on your Aman Delhi to Amanbagh transfer. Taking the train without assistance with bags is nonsense.

You have done it, have you? We had plenty of assistance - much more preferable than spending hours on the road, given that the OP was just visiting Agra for the day, not doing a major tour, which, if you include Fatehpur Sikri, would be incredibly tiring.

I do not endorse the concept of travel that is all about ticking the boxes - been here, done that. You see nothing if you rush around India in a whirlwind of sightseeing tours. You need to stop and look up and smell the flowers, but then, I have only been travelling to India for 30 years, so what do I know.
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