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mjschill's main point is the consistency issue. He did ask AC initially for an upgradeable fare in good faith, and from his description it seems that the upgrades were also given in good faith. Even though the COL may have been following the correct policy, the situation should not have arisen in the first place. This seems to happen so many times that it's sometimes hard to know what is the correct policy.

The members of this board are at a significant advantage in that many people are very familiar with all of the fare rules. The average pax, especially one who does not travel every couple of weeks, has to rely on the airline to provide that information and does have a right to expect that all of the personnel know the rules. I don't recall whose upgrade was taken away a week or so ago, but that's just one more example of this kind of situation. I'm all for agent discretion, but I would like to know that they are not making their decisions because they don't know their own rules.
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