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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by AAExecPlatFlier:
... I can understand how somebody who works hard to earn a higher status could be unhappy about an exception as big as this one, even if it is at our lowest elite level.
Although I can understand a company's need to implement a marketing strategy to lure new customers, I find the above comment quite insulting to the Gold flyers, i.e. those of us who earned it the old-fashioned way. As AA calls us the "lowest elite level", I definitely feel like we are not worth anything in their eyes for the 25K and more miles of business we give them every year.

Something else came to mind here too. Since there is clearly a situation where demand exceeds supply, evidenced by the numerous Gold requests here. I wonder if this will create some black market for the offers. What's to prevent someone from bidding and accepting one of these free Gold nominations?
I should think a Gold level is worth much more than just 2,500 miles to those who holds the key.

*P.S., this is a free country. I am not against anyone who gives it away nor anyone who requests it. It's AA that I am offended by.
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