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Originally Posted by NickB View Post
I must say that I am impressed by the detailed answer of CR. Compared to the cut-and-paste job, bland formulaic and empty speech that one encounters in most CR communications, the replies from BD CR are exceptionally candid. This tallies with my own experience in the past but I wondered whether this was still true. Glad to see it still is.
Indeed, although they seem to have been rather more candid here than necessary!

Two things concern me about the substance of the reply: first, that bmi has a scheduling manager at all (for some reason I keep thinking of the character in Pushing Tin who was so stressed he just sat in the car park and cried all day); second, that the economics of one rotation are analysed in isolation from the rest of the route. Every route will always have a flight that makes the least money, but if you remove it you end up with a thinner schedule that is less attractive to customers and makes less money overall (see DUB). LH surely knows that, so the explanation is just a big fib.
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