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Member prices my foot. Grumble.


A bunch of disruptions at the gate - handled expertly by
Joanne, one of my oldest friends here, so that nobody knew
anything was amiss (I just got the info in passing from the
BOS-based FAs, who didn't seem to want to be pressed on the
issue). Also a couple seat duplications, including mine. I'd
switched here so that if my Lasix was troublesome I'd have
an easy time getting to the rest room. Apparently someone
else had his BP issued at the same time for the same seat -
aside from passenger info, they were identical - we all
checked, hoping for that aha moment (last time that had
happened in my experience, someone was on a 4 pm flight,
only he was trying to sit in a delayed 3 pm flight). The
problem was resolved by giving the other pax 6D.

A fairly cheerful and very senior Boston-based crew.

Breakfast was the usual fruit plate with yogurt or some
unusual/new-cost-cutting eggs, about which the announcing
FA knew little except they looked scrambled. The eggs
turned out to be hard scrambled with cheese, with a greasy
side of taco meat mixed with home fries (tasted okay, but
pretty disgusting to look at). Breads: a croissant (looked
okay, if a little brown-and-serve) or a smashed-in blueberry
muffin (at best mediocre).

Flight: okay; service: matronly and good. We landed early,
so of course had to wait 15 or so for a gate.

To the RCC, where (a propos nothing) the phone jacks have
been taken out of the work carrels, and where I rechecked
the loads; the flight was F3 with everything else zeroed
out. Had time for a snack before going to the gate.

The bar had what looked like the same info sheet as at BOS.

Tried and failed for: UA 245 DEN SJC 1147 1330 752

They were looking for volunteers when I got there. It turns
out that they'd filled every seat, including the F one I
had coveted, and given a VDB or two.

I sighed heavily and went to the PC at concourse A, where
the desk guy cheerfully admitted me and treated me to an
obviously oft-given spiel about the merits of his club,
especially the free booze part. Which I took as an
invitation to the bar.

Most wines are extra. Fancy cocktails are $9. Top-shelf
booze is $6, but in addition to your ho-hum top shelf stuff
Glenlivet 15 happens to be there. Various rotguts are free.
Also cheap beer on tap (it's Dos Equis lager - pretty good
for cheap beer). I got a couple shots of Kahlua to put in my
coffee and then a double Glenlivet 15.

The news kept harping on some irritating guy who took his
Cessna into a building in Austin. I looked it up on my handy
dandy mapping program and breathed a little relief that the
incident was nowhere near the FT Do sites for next week.

I still had a ton of time, so the bartender suggested I ask
the front desk about lunch places; the guy recommended some
place with a name that sounded like The Great Denver Red
Meat Coma that was selling top sirloin for $3/oz or else
his favorite Chef Jimmy's, which serves a skirt steak that's
supposed to be pretty good for half that. I sat at the bar,
where there was immediate seating, and in a fit of sudden
perversity didn't order a steak or a burger but rather mac
and cheese with shrimp, which was fine, the cheese being
wimpier than what I'd use, but a quarter pound of 40 count
shrimp for $3 extra isn't a bad deal, especially as the
things were thrown on top just a few minutes during final
warming, so they were juicy and tender. A Sam seemed to be
the best choice to go with.

Moseyed to gate B 50-something for my flight; the trip
took maybe 10 minutes counting the subway.
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