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The hotel offers a complimentary hourly shuttle - I think
I took either the 5 or the 6, I was too muzzy to recall.

As the registration desk at my convention was (I discovered
on reading the book) to close at 1530, and my plane got in
at 1630, and I needed a ticket for the evening concert, I
decided to try for an earlier flight combo; these were
showing F1 and F6 respectively, but I am pretty sure to
clear on a 752 out of Boston even on F1.

UA 339 BOS DEN 0737 1024 752 4B Ch9 Empower
was 785 BOS DEN 1008 1255 752 2A

And so it was. After a brief visit to my friends at the RCC
(where the bar has a notice about what can be had for one
vs. two drink chits), I presented myself at the gate at 6
something and was cheerfully handed a new BP by an agent who
didn't know me from Adam (i.e., my rapport with the local
old-timers wasn't a factor).

Red Carpet Club(r)

Fine Beverages at Member Prices


Draft Beer
Regular Domestic (12 oz) $5.00
Regular Import (12 oz) $6.00
Large (20 oz) $7.50

Bottle Beer
Domestic $5.00
Import $6.00


Mixed Drinks - Single
House $6.00
Premium $7.50
Super Premium $9.00
Specialty/Promotional Drinks $10.00


By the Glass
House Wine $6.00
Premium Wine $7.50

Please see our bartender for great new wine selections.

Other Beverages

Bottled Water (20 oz) $2.00
The Republic of Tea (16.5 oz) $4.00

Drink Coupons are applicable for alcohol purchase only.
Not accepted for non-alcoholic beverages available for sale
at the bar (such as bottled water, bottled tea, etc.).

One (1) Drink Coupon allowed for purchase of:
Bottled Beer
Regular Draft Beer
Standard Spirits
House Wines

Two (2) Drink Coupons allowed for purchase of:
Large Draft Beer
Premium/Super Premium Spirits
Premium Wines

Soda, Juice, Tea and Coffee are Complimentary
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