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"(When a customer disputes a charge, the merchant had better have every single t crossed and every last i dotted--one tiny flaw and the card-issuing bank will automatically rule in favor of the customer.)"

Protections for the consumer? Good for that.

When I book PL NYOP the only thing I expect to pay for is what I bought at the hotel after I arrived. Drinks. Breakfast. That sort of thing. I do not expect to see any charges whatsoever that do not belong there.

No double billing for the room I already paid PL for. Something hotels have been know to try either on purpose or through incompetence. No breakfast I did not eat. No extra nights I did not stay. No room service I did not order.

They darn well better have ever T crossed if they are going to bill me. Because I refuse to pay for stuff I never bought.

In this I am the same whether I paid the hotel direct or booked through NYOP. And I expect ever other FT'er is the same when it comes to this.
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