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Originally Posted by rmbl View Post
I'm doubting his theory about the link between priceline guests and damage (confirmation bias, anyone?), but I figured I'd ask for others' experiences and expertise...
As my company does not do business with Priceline (other than via their standard GDS booking engine), I can't confirm your link, but knowing what people are like, I would actually tend to believe the hotelier's side of the story.

Most people not in the retail/travel sector have no idea just how shady many people are--especially those that try to get around the system by using prepaid cards or even debit cards. There is a reason those cards come with heavy restrictions in the hospitality/rental sectors (if they're even accepted at all)--they represent an extreme risk for the vendor.

If I were to guess, I would guess this hotel authorizes all customers' cards for the same $250, so they really are not treating PL customers any differently than direct retail bookings. However, it would not surprise me if PL guests had a higher chargeback rate due to them disputing additional charges when problems did happen. The fact that the booking channel is opaque may make it slightly more difficult for the merchant to defend against a chargeback, so the merchant likely has them sign the paper just for a little extra defense. (When a customer disputes a charge, the merchant had better have every single t crossed and every last i dotted--one tiny flaw and the card-issuing bank will automatically rule in favor of the customer.)
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