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Originally Posted by David_Doyle View Post
Hmmm, I can see 30+ pages of people asking the same questions.

Isn't questions like : "What are the best seats for couples?" all covered in the relevant section of the Ultimate Guide already?


Nope I can't see anything under the 3 class 777 answering my specific question but thanks for your shirty response
I don't think the lack of an answer to one particular question is a shirty response

You're right that though the 747 First and CW sections mention best seats for couple's, the 777 section doesn't, however the advice about couples given for the 747 (middle pair of EF seats) applies to both 747 and 777.

The section in the Ultimate Guide is called "Fleet Overview and Seat Map Links (AKA “What’s the best seat…”)

My point is that rather than duplicating information about the best seats in CW in the Ultimate Guide, the Club world Guide (lots of questions about best seats in there, and ongoing) and in this thread, isn't there going to be a lot of duplication of information, and no definitive location for information? Similar threads get merged together so why not the information in these?

If there's not an answer to the specific 777 CW seating for couples question, then the Ultimate Guide should be updated.
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