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Originally Posted by rmbl View Post
I recently checked into a 2.5* hotel which asked me to sign a "yes, you may authorize my card for $250, and if you kick me out because of noise, you'll charge me $250 for the privilege" statement.
Was that actually what the statement said, word for word? If so, I would report the incident to Priceline. It seems a little over the top to do this for only a Priceline reservation because as you probably know hotels run your credit card to cover incidentals now matter what your room rate or channel you booked through. If this property is imposing higher restrictions just for Priceline guests, then perhaps they need to review the contract they signed with PL. Part of the contract for hotels to participate with Priceline includes wording that they are not to discriminate, but rather give them "equal or better" treatment than any other guest. Part of all this is to ensure the guest has a positive experience which translates into the hotel "branding" the customer for a repeat visit by booking direct with them.

Although I've personally only experienced Priceline "attitude" maybe 1% of the time, if/when I ever do again, I will be quick to remind them of their contracted committment to Priceline, not to mention that the hotel itself decides the rate they will sell rooms for, not Priceline. Also, nobody is putting a gun to a hotel to sell rooms via Priceline. They sell the rooms at the price they dictate and they do so voluntarily.
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