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Priceline guests get a bad rap? How to fix?

I recently checked into a 2.5* hotel which asked me to sign a "yes, you may authorize my card for $250, and if you kick me out because of noise, you'll charge me $250 for the privilege" statement.

I've seen this before, but what stuck out was the general manager's statement that he only does this to priceline (and maybe hotwire) guests. He explained that he's had problems with priceline guests trashing rooms: smoking in non-smokng rooms, stealing TVs, etc. He said that some priceline guests were using prepaid credit cards for the bookings which then were useless when the hotel needed to recoup some damage cost.

So as someone who's been using priceline to great benefit lately and doesn't trash rooms: how do we keep this reputation at bay? Any hints as to what might be going on?

(One idea: this property is part of chain that typically shows up on priceline at the 3* level; I'm wondering if he's getting more riff-raff at 2.5 and should be trying to fix that rating.)
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