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Things might change in the future. They might soon required to do a naked search on you...via the x-ray machine

A belated reply, flew on the day JAL declared restructuring. Have been a lurker on this site, thought I'd add to the info used from JALPAK.

I am new to taking airline photos, set the aperture too wide to avoid using flash. Will set the ISO higher next time to get a better aperture.

JO79 Hnl-Narita-I usually take this route quarterly
Flight on the 747 seemed normal; although on boarding the crew was all Japanese, normally the personnel
are from JALWAYS (Thai crew).

Legroom on the ol' 747, wish they would upgrade the Hnl to Narita

Drink menu

Champagne service

American meal, it was tasty

Japanese meal, seafood was fresh, rice was hot. This was my second flight, Narita to BKK. Again, crew
were mainly Japanese. Only one Thai, who translated Japanese to Thai. Normally, the Chief Steward is Japanese,
all others are Thai.

Dessert, they no longer have the carts (which I preferred, you could make your choice of several selections).

Sakura lounge at Narita

Dinner section

Most important part of the lounge

Curry was good, beer was better!


View from lounge

Pull up and get your windshield washed

Sunset in Jomiten

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