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Originally Posted by Londonjetsetter View Post
How stressful would it be to be picked up at Delhi aiport from a very early BA arrival (5am I think) and be driven straight to Agra to the Oberoi. Spend one night there, so that we get to see the Taj Mahal, and then back to Delhi for the 3 Aman experience?
Londonjetsetter, leaving Delhi at 5am is the best time to drive to Agra. It takes about 3 hours at this time, but if you leave later in the morning (ie. 9am/ 10am) it takes about 5 hours. Although it is only about 240kms, you battle traffic/ toll roads/ driver breaks/ camels walking on highway/ cows walking on highway/ driver dodging dogs on highway and so this slows down your progress.

I understand that the quickest way to go to Agra from Delhi is actually by train, and the trains leave early (about 5am) but of course you have to go into Delhi station to do this.

Only other consideration is how tired you are going to be after overnight flight to do journey to Agra on arrival.
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