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Angry The disappearing BD64/BD65 LHR-EDI / EDI-LHR thread

This is doing my head in.

Similar to Autumn last year, BMI seem to be randomly dropping the BD64/BD65 from it's timetable. By the looks of things, the BD64/BD65 rotation will stop for a 2 week holiday after Friday 5th March, with it's glorious return on Monday 21st March.
Which would be annoying enough as it is, if it didn't then disappear again for another 4 weeks from the 1st of May... only to reappear again on Monday 31st May.
And they wonder why BMI are losing money hand over fist?
Oh well, back to the last flight leaving at ~1850 again.
Better for business?
Looks like it's deja vu all over again...

BD14 / BD18 LHR - GLA Cancelled? General winter cancellations discussion

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