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Hello there from the hangar floor.

Of course I hate to dissagree with our good friends Mr. Miles, but the BB1900C/D is not maintained in the same standard as Dr. Smith's C172. Air Alliance has their own hangar in the north end of YYZ and must be maintain all their aircraft according to commertial standards and the aircraft must be released by licensed mechanics just like the big boys.

The only difference is that these regional airlines do not tend to have $$ as the large airlines for the large stock of part. So typically if they have to change a major part that is not normally changed, then they would have to wait a day or so for it to be shipped in. Us big boys would probably have the stock within 4hr and still have that airplane fly.

I have worked with both the small airlines and now Air Canada and can tell you that the majority of the mechanics take our jobs very seriously and the public should fly the Canadian airlines with confidence. Our system works, even with the regionals.
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