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Hope that you are recovered.

You raise some excellent points in respect to foreign travel. As you know, your situation was one of two known serious medical issues during SINDo 2010. Additionally, while in Kuching, I was approached by two attendees to see if I would be willing to arrange medical evacuation for another individual who they suspected might need it. Fortunately, that person did not require my intervention.

It is absolutely imperative for a comparatively small amount of money that travelers have medical evacuation insurance. Since most of these policies also include at least some medical insurance, what you encountered probably could have been eliminated. These travel insurance policies have contact numbers (and presumably skilled personnel) to deal with the issues you encountered.

Having now taken groups across international borders between Singapore and Indonesia (2X)/Malaysia, I've come to the realization that despite feeling confident that dealing with the logistics involved could be accomplished, I (as a non-paid unofficial volunteer) have no desire to assume responsibility for people who do not have insurance. Should I do future cross border trips, I shall insist that people provide proof of evacuation insurance as well as abiding by a few very simple rules.

1. Absolutely no photography in any security zone.
2. Respect the culture and mores of the country visited in respect to dress, simple business relationships and potentially offensive actions.
3. Realize that being a foreigner does not exempt one from the laws of the country visited. Those statements on entry cards concerning the death penalty for contraband are intended for all. The signs in arrival halls signify the same consequences. When in a group one's actions may impact the other innocent members of the group.

Hopefully, you will get prompt repayment of the amounts expended.
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