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Originally Posted by iahphx View Post
The airlines planned to use these flights to serve smaller markets.
1 - The airlines proposed no requirement that they do so.

2 - The airlines can still serve these smaller market with the reduced number of slots if that's really what they want to do.

3 - The airlines contended that the concentration resulting from the deal would be less than CO has at EWR, UA has at IAD, or WN at BWI - all three
"serving" either NYC or WAS. Yet those three airports are not slot controlled so DL or US could add service there if those airports were really competitive alternatives to LGA or DCA as they claim.

BTW, you've got the DOT confused with the FAA. It's the FAA that has the dual role - enforcing safety regulations while fostering the airlines fiscal health. The DOT role is strictly to consider the effect of proposals on the consumer.

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