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The airlines planned to use these flights to serve smaller markets. Low cost airlines rarely fly to smaller markets -- and certainly wouldn't use these slots for that purpose if they got hold of them.

I hear a lot of bellyaching about high fares, but the reality is that it is EXTREMELY difficult for a network carrier to make money on domestic flying. I think it's best for the consumer if enough legacy carriers survive to maintain COMPETING global networks. We don't really need more competition between NYC and LA.

By imposing ridiculous conditions that no businessman would accept, the net result will be that the slots remain underutilized. DL planned to replace US's turboprops with jets -- adding something like 2 million seats to LGA alone. That's not bad for competition. And now the net result will be nothing -- unless the Obama administration realizes the folly of this (or perhaps after the next election).

It's a lose-lose for everybody.
So what's your explanation on why the airlines don't seem thrilled about selling the slots?
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