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In fact, what the feds should do (much like they do with other "public trust" things like radio spectrum) is reclaim and auction all of the slots at slot controlled airports and let the market (rather than history) decide who wants them most. In the absence of that, letting two incumbents who have the slots based only upon their longevity exchange them and create two monopoly positions at slot/entry controlled airports is brutally anti-competition. DOT for the win.

Unlike the previous administration (who screwed up with the ATSB), this one, while still not getting it economically, is apparently going to err on the side of the consumer while "not getting it."

The dirty little secret is that if Southwest gets their hands on a dozen more slots at LGA and aitran (or whomever) gets them at DCA, it'll cause fares to go down. That is better for the consumer than overinflated fares from a few additional small destinations to LGA or DCA.

^ You said it better than I did. But I agree, this is definitely their concern. All of a sudden those ridiculous $500 tickets on a 400 mile flight go out the window.
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