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What's surprising is that the requirement to divest slots is surprising to anyone. As originally proposed, US would have about 55% of the DCA slots and DL almost 50% of the LGA slots. the UA/US merger would have resulted in the merged company having had a smaller percentage of DCA slots than that and it was going to be shot down because of that concentration of slots in one carrier's hands so UA pulled out.

Even with the proposed changes US will control half the DCA slots (a higher percentage than the UA/US merger would have led to) while DL will control 45% of LGA slots - each will still be the biggest at the respective airports.

What I found especially amusing were the form letters submitted by various airport officials that recommended the deal be approved. Distilled to their essense they all said:

"I write to express my strong support for this transaction as it provides benefits of importance to my city and indeed my state."

"US Airways has announced that upon consummation of this agreement ... they will provide non-stop service from (my airport) to Washington Reagan National Airport."

"In addition, because US Airways has a well-established network system at DCA, my community will have the ability to easily connect with major cities, particularly throughout the East."

I can just see someone at DOT shaking their head and saying "Geez, can't they even come up with their own verbiage?"

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