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Travel Classes

BA has four different classes of travel. They are:

First (First class)

First (Picture) is on all 747 equipment, located in the nose, and on some 777 aircraft. The 747’s have 14 seats, the 777’s have 13, 14 or 17 depending on type. It is a 6’6” bed that goes totally flat. Also there is an ottoman, which, if travelling with a companion, can be used by them to sit on, allowing you to dine facing each other. The seat also features EmPower which is what most airlines use for providing in-seat power. There is a video screen, which gives access to an AVOD entertainment system on the aircraft (or 12 channel looped system on those few remaining 777s that are not AVOD equipped). Additionally, on 777’s that have not had AVOD installed, there’s a Hi-8 video player allowing you to watch movies supplied by the crew (this has now been removed from all 747’s). On some routes (primarily 777s which have the “small” video screens) your crew will also provide a portable DVD player and a selection of DVDs for your use. You also get a nice amenity kit, with an Anya Hindmarch designed BAg (with REN toiletries). The ‘turndown service’ is now available on all bar a few of the short fifth-freedom flights (BA72/73, BA124/125 and BA246/247), with a mattress pad, duvet and pillow, a pair of slippers and the dark blue pyjamas (emblazoned with the First logo). Good crew should offer to make up your bed at the appropriate time!

BA has a flash animation that shows the product’s features in more detail:

In February 2010, BA unveiled it's new First class seat, which will be rolled out between 2010 and 2012. The cabin avoids ostentatious gadgets and gimmicks and focuses instead on simplicity and quality. Key features of the new seat include:

  • A 60 per cent wider bed at the shoulders
  • Personal wardrobe
  • Personal electronic blinds, a first for a commercial airline
  • A 15" in-flight entertainment screen
  • USB port, RCA jack and noise-cancelling headsets
  • Fully integrated ambient and mood lighting
  • Anya Hindmarch washbag and amenities by REN
  • Leather bound writing table

Club World (Business class)

Club World (Picture) comes in three varieties these days! The first is New Club World – the newest variation introduced in 2006 (sometimes called ‘NGCW’ for ‘Next Generation Club World’ on here) is fitted to all Boeing 747 and 777 aircraft.

The second is what ‘used’ to be called ‘New Club World’. Confusing, eh? This iteration originally launched in 2000 is fitted exclusively to long haul Boeing 767 aircraft and offers a 6-foot, fully flat and horizontal bed. Like First, it also features Empower and AVOD. The seats alternate forward and backwards facing to fit together in an almost yin/yang like shape. The ‘New Club World’ product offers incremental and evolutionary improvements to this ground-breaking seat, and retains the same physical layout.

Club World London City (Business class)

Finally, introduced in Sept 2009 is Club World London City. Club World London City is BA’s Business Class only service, with just 32 seats on an A318, flying between London City and New York JFK (with a quick stop in Shannon to clear US immigration and refuel). The hard product on the Club World London City service differs from both of the above – it’s a flat bed, two by two, but without the ying/yang configuration of the other Club World cabins. Club World London City is all about minimising airport travel time and check-in times whilst maximising productivity on board – the planes feature OnAir capability allowing you to send emails, texts from your mobile phone and connect to the Internet throughout your flight.

For a great write up of the Club World London City service, see Continental-Club’s trip report:

Currently, all Club World amenity kits feature Elemis products bag.

BA has a flash animation that shows the product’s features in more detail:

World Traveller Plus (Premium economy class)

World Traveller Plus (Picture) is an improved economy product, and definitely not a downgraded business class. It features eight abreast seating (6 abreast on the 767), instead of nine or ten abreast, and a 38” pitch. The seats, especially designed by Recaro have foot rests and extra recline. They also have Empower. The discounted WT+ fares are typically around 400 more than the cheapest WT fares (200 each way). WT+ passengers receive the same food as World Traveller passengers, but do benefit from being served first (oh, and getting a real glass not a plastic cup for their wine!). There is no stated benefit of dedicated check-in desks for WT+ but gradually more and more airports are offering them (e.g. LAX, IAD at least). In general, however, WT+ passengers check in with the rest of World Traveller. Note that you get no rights to use the Fast Track security lane at LHR or LGW with a WT+ ticket.

BA has a flash animation that shows the product’s features in more detail: http://www.britishairways.com/travel...p/public/en_gb

A new version of the World Traveller Plus product was launched in 2010 and will feature in new aircraft deliveries. It is presently fitted to new factory fresh Boeing 777-336ERs. However, BA is reportedly planning to retrofit only 18 of its existing 777-236 aircraft (G-ZZZA-C; G-VIIA-S; G-RAES). As part of this process which is expected to roll out from late 2010, these candidates will also receive the latest Thales (AVOD) in-flight entertainment system. They currently feature the old 12 channel, small screen GMIS system. The existing 747, 767 subfleets and those 777s fitted with the TES AVOD systems will not receive this new product.

World Traveller (Economy class)

World Traveller (Picture) is standard economy. It’s 3-4-3 on the 747, 3-3-3 on the 777 and 2-3-2 on the 767. It’s got a 31” pitch and each seat has a personal TV with either 12 channels depending on the aircraft (or AVOD if present). There is no at seat power.

A new version of the World Traveller product was launched in 2010 and like it sister WT+ product is presently fitted to new Boeing 777-336ERs and will feature in new aircraft deliveries plus 18 existing 777-236s. See the narrative on the new WT+ product above.

This iteration whilst taking up the same footprint as its predecessor provides a slight improvement in seat width (by just over a quarter inch) and increase in personal space by virtue of the slimline construction of the seat. The new seat features a "hammock style" adjustable headrest, bi-fold seat back table, AC power sockets (two shared UK/EU/US sockets per triple seat grouping) and larger seat back pocket. The inflight entertainment system powered by Thales is the latest version of BA on demand entertainment. The new pillow and fleece blanket complete the upgraded package.

Club Europe (Business class)

Club Europe (Picture) is the European business class seat. On the narrow body planes, it’s configured with convertible four-abreast seating. This means on the left hand (ABC) side of the aircraft, the B seat squishes, leaving wider A C seats (an extra two inches or so). On the right hand (DEF) side, they expand giving around an extra couple of inches per seat. If The front two thirds of the aircraft can be converted like this according to how many Club passengers they are expecting. The curtain also gets moved to wherever the divide is that day. Club Europe has around a 34” pitch, so not particularly generous, but adequate. Some newer Airbuses have 120V European style plug sockets, although there aren’t too many of these. The new A321’s should have them. On the 767 aircraft, Club Europe is configured 2-2-2 with the ‘collapsed’ seat being in the middle block (DF).

On BA’s most recently acquired Embraer 170/190 aircraft (operating from London City Airport), the planes are 2-2 throughout – and Club is exactly the same.

The diagram below illustrates this convertible seating:

Here, the first two rows are Club Europe, the third row is the first row of Euro Traveller (with the AC seats still in Club Europe format) and onward rows are standard Euro Traveller.

BA has a flash animation that shows the product’s features in more detail:

On longer distance flights (IST, LCA, ATH and DME routes) in-flight entertainment is provided, displayed on the overhead screens.

Priority check-in, a more generous checked baggage allowance, fast track security and (in theory, at least) priority baggage reclaim are published components of the Club Europe product.

Euro Traveller (Economy class)

Euro Traveller (Picture) is the European economy class. On the narrow bodies, it’s in a normal 3-3 configuration, while on the 767, it’s 2-3-2, and on the E170/E190, 2-2. Again it has a 31” pitch. One side effect of the convertible seating on the narrow body aircraft is that the very first row of Euro Traveller, on the left hand side also features this A C configuration, with no B seat. They are the best in Euro Traveller.

On longer distance flights (IST, LCA, ATH and DME routes) in-flight entertainment is provided, displayed on the overhead screens.

UK Domestic (Economy class)

UK Domestic (aka Shuttle) is the single economy class available on all UK routes using Airbus A319, A320 and A321 to/from LHR; Boeing 737 to/from LGW. These types feature 3-3 configuration throughout. London City services operated by subsidiary BA CityFlyer feature Embraer E170 and E190 (configured 2-2). Boeing 767s whilst not normally rostered for domestic duties, occasionally perform as late substitutions in response to heavier than normal demand. All BA flights still retain ‘full service’ in all cabins (i.e. nominally complimentary catering – though outside breakfast time, you’ll find your lot is reduced to either birdseed (a mix of nuts and seeds) or a cookie).

For more details on short haul catering, please refer to this thread: http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/briti...n-reports.html

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