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Originally Posted by mikeef View Post
Because the customers don't like them and he doesn't want them going elsewhere.

Not necessarily. If a cashier is out of quarters and they have to give you your change using dimes and nickels to make up for the quarters do you stop shopping at the establishment? In my experience, you think about it for 3 seconds at the register and then as you walk out you forget about it. In the end you simply end up with more change. In the case of these coins, the customer is most likely going to use these for there next small purchase to get rid of them, which is what is wanted anyways. If a cashier gave you a $2 bill in place of two ones, do you refuse it because it isnt "popular"?

I am not saying to tell customers you are out of dollar bills every day as they will eventually catch on...but what if you did it twice a week at different times for a few hours. Would be a good experiment to at least try. To think a customer isnt going to wash his car anymore at ones establishment because they were given there change in something they arent used to is preposterous. Who knows, maybe that car wash will become known as the place with the cool dollar coins.
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