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Late checkout is a great luxury, and all I had to do was
roll out of bed and get the BART to dinner with travelkhatt.
We'd planned to meet at Fook Yuen, but when I walked out of
Millbrae station and turned right on Camino Real, I was
greeted with unfamiliar sights. I.e., no Fook Yuen. The
joint is apparently under new management and renovations at
the same time. I gave her a shout and told her that plan B
was La Petite Camille - a pleasant, slightly uninspired,
no-frills joint across the street. I got there a bit ahead
and had a Singha. I might have gone for the rather forlorn
and empty Szechwan place nearby, out of sympathy for my
near-compatriots, but tk doesn't go for spicy food.

The room is square and lit brightly; the tables and
appointments rather spare - not particularly appealing, but
then you get to focus on the food and company rather than
extraneous features.

tk showed up breathlessly a bit late; she had imagined that
taking a cab would be quicker than riding Caltrain to
Burlingame and finding her way from there. She was wrong;
apparently there was a run on cabs that dinnertime. A vast
expense, unnecessary.

She's chipper and looking none the worse for wear,
interested in the same things, but not with the same foci
or perhaps competitive intensity as when she had been an
FTer. Life and work appear to be going well.

We started with Vietnamese hedgehogs (they call them pot
stickers, and I forget the real name) - a stuffing of pork
and carrots in a rice shell rolled in crushed rice pasta
and fried. Tasty and generous, though I'd have preferred
8 tiny balls to 4 giant ones (in fact, 4 tiny ones would
have been fine). The "special house sauce," a sweetened
bean paste with a large dose of chile, went well with.

tk had the pho, which was cheap, good, and abundant enough
for me to sample a small bowl and her to take home a big one
for lunch next day. There was a lot of beef tendon in this
version, which bothered us not at all. My choice was bo loc
lac, beef in a caramelized brown sauce with an incredible
amount of garlic. It was pretty good but oligodimensional.
We ordered a bowl of rice which didn't come.

Much talk about hotel points, with both of us bemoaning the
fact that we don't know anything about them, and travels,
of which I have had more than she of late.

At length it was time to part: she had a train south, and I
had to run the security gauntlet, which took a huge long
time, despite my being shunted into the premium line.

UA 198 SFO IAD 2230 0631 763 2A Ch9

A somewhat bumpy flight that landed on time or a bit early.
No Channel 9, and if there had been, I wouldn't have been
able to understand it for the horrendous static and hum on
the system.

I usually hate the seats on the 763. This day I was tired
enough so I didn't mind and slept well.

UA 860 IAD BOS 0830 1006 752 2A Ch9 Empower

Met FBKSan at the C17 club, and we had a good chat before
going on our connections. It's good for the up-and-coming
and the down-and-going to meet up once in a while.

I really had to be in Washington next day, but I had a date
in Boston so didn't ditch this flight.

It was an okay ride, packed to the gills, as most are these
days, but, what the hey, I was in F.
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