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A quick one block to the restaurant.

Many of my friends are meat and potatoes folks (perhaps I
choose them with this trait in mind!), and when with them
I joyfully indulge my fleshy desires. So this is what we
had at Ame, the bulk of whose Michelin-kudoed reputation
rests on new worldly fishy and sushiesque delights.

New York strip over spinach, with fried sweetbreads and
chanterelles on the side - a very nice piece of meat in
a lovely mushroomy sauce. The sweetbreads were crisp and
wonderful, but some went by the wayside with the shrooms,
unfavored by comparison with the lovely pink flesh.

Duck breast came with "foie gras stuffing," equal size
blocks of bread cubes and foie gras, and a blueberry red
wine sauce. Essence of duck. Also delicious.

My big Kurobuta pork chop with black pudding and potato
puree turned out to be the richest thing there, the pork
marbled nicely and the fat not cooked out. I'd asked if
it would have been brined, and after an emphatic no from
the waiter, I smilingly ordered it (watching the old
sodium, y'know). It was delightful, the very spicy blood
pudding providing a piquant contrast. A chunk of this
along with the steak detritus provided a luxurious
breakfast next day. All these dishes had been ordered
and served medium-rare, partially because medium-rare
is good in itself and partially to facilitate sharing. My
friends tend to share tastes. It's almost a prerequisite.

As I figured we were ready for something a little lighter
in the wine department, the Schramsberg blanc de blancs
looked appealing, and it was, in its gently festive way.

For dessert I had a Royal Tokaji 5 puttonyos, year forgotten
but a bit too young. I guess I'd wanted something richer
than the airplane Tokaji to cleanse my memory banks. This
was pretty unctuous, with apricot and almond notes, raisins
and other dried fruit on the palate and finish. Pretty nice.
I am unclear on whether anyone else had anything. A quick
toddle back to the hotel, where I showed off my room and
shooed off my friends and collapsed. Got up in time to
finish my assignment, which had been percolating throughout
the MegaDO trip, and send it off. Then back to bed.

Service was unobtrusively first-rate.
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