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Originally Posted by kevino View Post
What kind of issue was it? Thanks for sharing.
I debated whether to post due to the possible "But what about me?" sentiments.

Briefly, without divulging too much personal information, I used over a million points to book six weeks' worth of award nights for our 30th anniversary. (Darn it! Now I can't claim to be 39 any more!)

It wasn't easy to get all the ducks lined up, and there was a hiccup. I called the first time last week, and the Diamond Desk tried to come up with alternatives. The rep was extremely pro-active and helpful and opened a case number. Today I called to follow-up. Again, the rep (a different one) was helpful and kind. Ironically, when he transferred to a Diamond Desk supervisor, she turned out to be unhelpful and rude. In fact, she became belligerent when I mentioned "FlyerTalk".

I sent a simple email to the HHonors Reps via FlyerTalk to ask if the supervisor's view was the final answer or if there was a possible solution to my dilemma. Voilą. You know the rest of the story.

So, if you can stand being married to the same person for almost 30 years, the HHonors Reps will come through for you, also.

In all seriousness, it boils down to civility and behaving respectfully. I had a problem; I asked nicely; HHonors listened and reacted.
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