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Originally Posted by Mike1625 View Post
I just got back from a great weekend in New Orleans that would make all those on flyertalk proud of me. (Flight free from Delta dollars earned from taking a bump, to help me requalify for 2011, Hotel paid for by Harrahs, picked the Hilton, so my gold status got me free breakfast and a happy hour I made into dinner each night)

Getting back to being topical for this thread. Had a great time spreading the dollar coins throughout the Big Easy. I don't use them for things that I could have used credit, but I did find these great places to spread them around. I used them to tip the airport shuttle driver, hotel housekeeper and Harrahs waitresses. I used them to gamble at Harrahs (the cage took a roll or two at a time and turned them into paper money that is accepted at the tables). And, well, I used them to buy beers on Bourbon Street.

There was one extra benefit that was very nice. By packing a box of $250 in my carry on, my bag got lighter as the trip went on.
^ I continue to use them at small businesses where credit card fees on small purchases have more of an impact on the proprieter, tips, and I change a couple of bucks/day in the drink machine at work. I wouldn't recommend this strategy to our favorite African Grey who lives in San Diego, but in the quantities that I have, it's slow but steady. The people at two local Vietnamese restaurants seemed to take favorable interest in/notice the coins, and one lady called them "lucky" gold coins.
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