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Well, my list is not nearly as distinguished, nor did I actually get their names. But here goes for fun anyways. I flew from London to Phx (2-flights) with the Olympic Pole Vault Gold Medalist last month. I only found out who he was because the local tv crews were waiting for him Phoenix. He was a real nice guy, but he didn't show us his medal.

The other psuedo celeb, was on a flight from ORD to PHX, where I sat next to the U.S. Attorney for Arizona. He was returning to Arizona after meeting with Janet Reno and President Clinton. He said he was there regarding the Illian Gonzalez case as an advisor. That flight was just a few days after they took him out of the house in Florida. He didn't really tell me all of the details, but he did feel that the situation could/should have been handled differently. Which I thought was a pretty cool thing to say as his current job is entirely dependant upon the democrats staying in office.

We continued to discuss everything else that was going on in the political arena. He is obviously democrat, but he was really open minded about the existing problems inside of Washington, the Democratic Party, and the entire Federal Government. For me it was one of the best 3 hour flights I've ever had.
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