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  • when driven to the plane, slip on the tarmac, pretend to have hurt your knee and get carried into the upper level of the b 747 (a.k.a "granny has the hots for the paramedic" trick)
  • always insist on getting the silver red first class sleeve for your bp and put it on display in your shirt's breast pocket for the riff raff easily to read how cool and important you are. In case you do not have a breast pocket, keep it in your left hand, and wave with it from time to time or use your right hand's index finger to point at it while looking the other way with an inculpable glare (a.k.a "Mr Bean It's my Birthday and now that I made you know, where is my freebie, kthx" move
  • always cut lines, waiving with your bp and say loudly "let me through, I fly first class" (a.k.a "doctors in disaster movie" approach)

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