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  • Block the dayroom at the FCT for at least 8 hours even if you are not in.
  • Make sure you bring enough doggybags to pack some food at the various lounges.
  • Shave your full body in the bath tub and make sure that the bath room attendant has some work to do once you have left.
  • Ask your PA for LH FCT condoms.
  • Fill up your personal office supplies and collect some copy paper.
  • Wait for the right moment and "collect" some dishes from the restaurant area.
  • Retain from ordering your 6-course dinner until midflight. Show them that you are the real Master-of-Time.
  • Ask to get an additional 4 Y-Pillows and 2 C-pillows as that old LH F bench is not endurable otherwise.
  • Bring large bags or ask FA for additional plastic bags as all your souvenirs like blankets and pillows do not fit in your regular travel bags.
  • Make sure you walk through the whole aircraft in your van Laack Pajama at least once.
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