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Originally Posted by CNJMichael View Post
Not sure why, but I was able to see the photos. The food looks phenomenal. Thanks for taking time to snap the pix and upload them for us.

How was the service? I've been debating whether I should transit Canada to take advantage of AC Executive First service to HKG.
The service was great, especially since I had 2 of the same FA's on the return trip who recognized me and a fellow return pax immediately upon boarding. Attentive FAs were always asking if I needed anything, refilling my beverages without asking and I noticed them acknowledging awaking pax with smiles and meal selections.

I always enjoy the mid-flights snacks which they set up in the middle galley which was always attended by at least one FA who allowed you to snack and eat/drink there or they bring everything to your pod. I like to stretch/stand when I can during long flights and the FAs are friendly to engage you in chats if you wish.
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