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Originally Posted by ThatJohn View Post
Nice TR! You clearly took a lot of time putting it together. Thank you!

From a readability standpoint, you might want to consider emboldening or italicising the subheadings you used. My brain got a little confused by the whitespace without subheadings standing out. (That said, I could just be a bear of very little brain )

Thanks again!
Thank you ThatJohn, I have tried to make the suggested changes.

Originally Posted by hserus View Post
> CISF staff (armed with what I assume were WWI carabineers)

Not exactly .. its a short magazine lee enfield, rechambered for NATO 7.62 ammo, though that particular firearm (still used by some reserve police in India) has a history that dates back to like the boer war and the snider enfield, lee metford, to the lee enfields in world war I and II.

See for the original british model and for the Indian upgrade / conversion.

Though most of the CISF has already moved to a rather newer - 60s vintage - indian copy of the belgian FN-FAL .. the Lee Enfields are still found here and there.

THanks hserus, that is very interesting, next time I have a closer look ;-)

Originally Posted by jbalmuth View Post
We had a different problem with Housekeeping ---- each time the electricity went out (over and over and over again), the "Do Not Disturb" light would come on, and Housekeeping would therefore not enter the room. One time this occurred while they were cleaning the room....and very, very bizarrely they left in the middle of their cleaning and never came back (leaving their mops and brooms behind in the room). We also had a problem with the laundry, that they did not do a proper count....and therefore did not return a pair of my wife's socks. In addition, the in-room internet was extremely erratic....and very expensive.
Laundry was actualy a good thing because their attention to detail, at least for me.

Looks like Power Outages are more common than I thought.
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